Are Camper Trailers And Caravans One And The Same Thing?

There used to be a time when travelling was no joke as it took months or even years to move across the places. However, now we are living in a completely different time zone where travelling is the first priority or hobby for most of the people because it has become easier than ever before to travel across the world. If you want to enjoy each and every movement of your journey then you must choose the route of travelling through road because in this way you will get to view various places while on the way. But there are some things that are worthy to be noted down before you pack your bags. The most important thing that you will need for whole travelling through the road is that you must have a place where you can lay down or rest for a while because obviously one cannot sit through the whole journey. This condition can only be fulfilled if you own a camper trailer. In this article, we will be discussing about the fact that are camper trailers and caravans one and the same thing.

Recreations vehicles:

If few decades back, we would have been told that there will be a time when people will own moving homes; we would have never believed them. However, we are living in a time where we have seen these moving houses which have been given the name of recreational vehicles. Recreational vehicles are the kind of vehicles that are made in such a way that they provide the luxury and comfort as that of a house hence, the name moving home. RV is used as an abbreviation for the term recreational vehicles. There are various types of these vehicles which differ on the basis of their composition and characteristics.

Are camper trailers and caravans one and the same thing?

Ideal camper trailers are the kind of recreational vehicles that have the inbuilt customised structure of a house. These trailers have attached wheels that allow them to move from one place to another once they have been towed to another vehicle. It won’t be wrong to say that caravan is just another name for camper trailers and both of these vehicles are the same thing. However, there exist a difference between camper trailers and motor homes because motor homes are the kind of recreational vehicles that have the personalised engine system because of which they do not require another vehicle for them to move.


Vehicles in themselves were a great achievement for mankind and now the introduction of recreational vehicles has added the feather in a cap. Camper trailer is the type of recreational vehicle in which a wheeled trailer is towed to another vehicle. Caravan or off road caravans for sale and camper trailer are different names of the same vehicle hence; there exists no difference between the two. “Fantasy caravan” offers the extensive range of camper trailers or caravans of great quality.